Hambledon State School has an active and successful Parents and Citizens Association (P&C). The P&C is essentially a forum focused on the school community providing both financial and non-financial support. Working closely with the principal, staff and wider school community the P&C assists in making improvements at Hambledon through policy, infrastructure, resources and student experiences.

Main Functions of the P&C

Tuckshop and Uniform Shop

The P&C is the operational body of the Tuckshop and Uniform Shop. Managed by our Tuckshop convenor Alana Donnelly, ‘The Snack Shack’ services the students and staff with a quality menu of reasonably priced food and drink and also provides a quality uniform service for families.

Discos and Stalls

The P&C provides social functions for students with the Discos held in Term 2 and Term 4. We organise a market stall for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, allowing students the opportunity to purchase a gift for their loved ones. These events have a fundraising component; however they also allow the students to participate in social functions and unique experiences which foster their learning and community spirit.


Throughout the year we aim to undertake fundraising campaigns such as our Krispy Kreme drive and Easter Raffle. If you have any ideas to raise funds we would love to hear from you!

Working Bees on Gardens

Held throughout the year, Working Bees involve families coming together to enhance the school environment. Children spend time with other students and families at school, outside the structured school environment. Working Bees not only foster community spirit, assist to improve the appearance of our school gardens but also help to reduce associated costs, allowing funds to be redirected to other needed areas of the school operations.

School Policy

Often the P&C discuss a current or introduced school policy or procedure. These discussions in the General Meetings help achieve the outcome most suitable for the school community.

Main Recent Achievements of P&C

  • Electronic Sign; $24,000 fully funded installed 2017

  • Junior Playground; $39,000 fully funded installed 2018

  • Subsidising the Music Shirts, reducing the cost to $15 per shirt

  • Introducing an annual school Music Night, incorporating the schools’ band, ensemble and choir

  • Helping to re-establish the Reef Guardians Programme

  • Providing an activity during the 2017 Science Week with the Planetarium visit at School

  • School Murals completed in 2018

    • Welcome Mural

    • Sports Teams Mural

    • Tuckshop, extension of existing mural and pencil poles

    • Pencil poles in junior school

Many projects are currently in the pipeline; we encourage you to be part of the positive change! General Meetings The P&C hold their general meetings on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm in the Library Learning Centre, located in the Administration building. Members of both the school community and local community are welcome and encouraged to attend and experience these meetings and provide input.

Citizens People in our community wanting to connect with Hambledon State School to provide their time and/or skills are very welcome to get in touch. Blue Cards are required for those volunteers with no children of their own at Hambledon; and our Business Manager can assist you with this process. Contact Details Should you wish to raise an idea or issue you believe the P&C can assist with, you can make contact with the P&C through a number of ways:

  • Leave a message at the school office with your name and phone number

  • Email us at

  • Approach a P&C member you see around the school

  • Attend a P&C General Meeting

Our 2019 P&C Executive Committee


​Alma Mohammed

​Vice President

​Gabriel Pasche


Melissa O'Donoghue


​Position Vacant

Last reviewed 20 May 2020
Last updated 20 May 2020