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Word of the Week 8 - Term 3


Word of the Week

Wk 8


Prep & POD bounce

Draw a picture of yourself bouncing

Yrs  1 & 2   weather

Draw your favourite weather. Write a sentence about it.

Yrs 3 & 4   interact

Draw a picture of you and  your friends interacting. Write a sentence to describe how you interact with your friends.

Yrs 5 & 6   incognito

Make up a false identity (name and some background history) if you wanted to be incognito.

Competition entries will be collected from the Library after 3pm on Thursday.

Wk 7 Winners

Lizarad Le Bron POD

Amos Prep

Tristan Prep

Summer-Raine Yr 1

Molly Yr 1

Erode - Kiara Yr 3

Cooper Yr 3 Water has come and gone and has taken dirt from a dirt mountain.

Mikylah Yr 3 Wave Rock – eroded by wind and rain.