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Word of the Week 4 - Term 3


Word of the Week Wk 4

Word of the Week is back with a new and improved look. There are now four sections and the charts you’ll see around the school have been updated.

Prep sandcastle

Draw a picture of a sandcastle. Have a go at writing a sentence about your sandcastle

 Yrs  1,2  & POD     environment

Divide a piece of paper in a half. On the first half draw a picture of an environment (eg rainforest, a playground, your bedroom) that has been abused. On the other half draw a picture of the same environment that has been cared for. Write a sentence explaining how the environment in the second picture has been cared for.

Yrs 3 & 4   sustain

Choose a resource we need so we can survive (eg water, clean air, ocean, soil) and draw a picture showing how we can sustain that resource. Write a sentence to explain your picture.

Yrs 5 & 6    paraphernalia

Write a list of the paraphernalia someone might use in their job or hobby (eg gardener, sportsperson, computer technician). Draw pictures of some of the bits and pieces they would use.


Competition entries need to be put in the boxes provided in the library by 3pm on Thursday.

Winners will be announced on parade and have their work published and displayed.

Winners  Wk 7

There were so many deserving entries this week that three works of art have been chosen.

Prep & Yr 1 features

Winner Ashlee, Special mention; Summer & Laura - all from Yr 1

Yrs 2 & 3 travel

Winner was from 3B – Uluru, Special mention; Zara  Yr 3 – Sydney &  another Yr 3 child - Kuranda

Yrs 4-7 satellite

no entries​